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Dear Internet Gods and Wizard Gods. Please let my internet work all day today and all day Sunday. May I be found worthy as a Potterhead to be one of the million people who are allowed to beta test Pottermore. Also, if I am lucky enough to be chosen, please let me be sorted into the house I have seen myself in since I joined the Potter fandom. I will however, accept my fate if placed into another house as it will be my true house. In the Chosen One’s name we pray. Harry Potter.

Put a Harry Potter character in my ask





Put a Harry Potter character in my ask

Harry Potter- Tell about a scar on your body.
Ron Weasley- Something you’re afraid of.
Hermione Granger- A subject you know a lot about.
Draco Malfoy- Closest green item to you.
Severus Snape- Your favorite Alcoholic beverage.
Rubeus Hagrid- Your favorite animal.
Luna Lovegood- Something about you other people find weird.
Neville Longbottom- Your favorite flower.
Nimphodorah Tonks- Something you would change about your appearance.
Fred and George Weasley- The last prank you pulled on someone, or someone pulled on you.
Voldemort- If you were to make a Horcrux, it would be…
Dolores Umbridge- Someone you cannot stand.
Moaning Myrtle- The last thing to make you cry.

oh my god fucking do it

please :-)

Do this now<3 :D

My god this is awesome :D and please do it

Cindy Love :)

<3 I wish that I could say there is enough time in the day, but lately I feel as though the day is rather quick or never ending… either way I feel like I never get to see my wonderful Cinderella… This makes me feel terrible… Gahh I can’t wait to hang out with her again though…

I trully believe that Jonathan Groff has an AMAZING voice. I personally am upset with how he was written off on Glee (as a jerk) but I feel that this was one hell of a way for him to come back. Anyways I get chills everytime I hear this and loved every second of it!

Rolling in the Deep (Cover)- Jonathan Groff and Lea Michelle